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Google Map for my Website

Google Maps, one of the most successful Google venture so far, has gradually turned into a popular choice for address lookup. Not only does it save your valuable time wandering around on the wrong directions and missing important turns or lanes, it also ensures that the time to reach every destination is efficiently calculated and displayed for every mode of transport you wish to take. Now, all you have to do is select a location, business store, restaurant or venue, chose your preferred transport type and let the amazing Google Map guide you.

Customers are the heartbeat for an organization or business. Amidst the cutthroat competition, customers’ satisfaction is of paramount importance for business survival. In order to ensure that your customers can find you without any particular hassle, not only is the company address on your website essential, it is also important for them to find the company on the navigation map. Most vehicles today provide advanced voiced supported navigation that scans the Google Map to provide turn-by-turn intuitive instructions. Therefore, once your business features on the Google Maps any of your prospective customers can easily search you.Embedding Google Maps to your website is really easy. You don’t require intensive programming knowledge or know all about Google Maps. Visit our website and generate your personalized Java Script for your Google Map, copy the generated code and embed it in your website without any fuss.

Instructions to embed the Maps to Website

Now, that you know Google Maps is important you’d wish to use it.

  • The first step would be to add the code to your website. Our simple interface ensures that you don’t have to understand the code or read up any supporting materials on Google Maps integration.
  • Inside the interface, fill in the address, set the zoom and the size of the map.
  • If you wish to style the page then select a favorable style and click the button to generate the code.
  • Now, just copy the code and paste in your webpage.

That’s it! You’re done. Your valuable customers will no longer need to call you for directions.

Google Maps - more than just a Map

Contrary to popular belief Google Maps is much more than a mere Mapping application. It actually provides a host of features such as:

  • Satellite ImagesThere are more than 8000 satellites orbiting the earth. Among these, there are dedicated satellites that release latest images of earth periodically. Google Maps ensures that you can view all of these images from your web browser. Zoom in and identify your preferred location, with Google Earth you can view 3D view of the entire location.
  • Street View (Panorama Mode)Google Street View offers panoramic view of a selected street from the world. The images are panoramic view of images, which have been captured by people and stitched so that it creates a continuous image.
  • Real-time traffic status Google constantly monitors movement and speed of devices (traffic) along the map to determine how much lag there is between the devices. This ensures that Google Maps do not require manual intervention or update from the users in providing real-time traffic status.
  • Route plan
  • There could be endless number of possible routes between a selected start and end destination. Well, the trick is to find the optimum route judging on parameters such as distance, time, cost, elevations, probable traffic congestions, number of turns and bends, etc. Google Maps helps in formulating the best route by intelligent algorithmic logic thereby calculating the shortest and best path to your destination. However, you could manually choose your route and ply according to it.

Additionally, Google Maps also provides an option to put markers on the selected map and you can drag and drop the pin marker to change the location of your destination.

Plan your route with Google Maps

This is one of the advantages of having Google Maps. It is agnostic to the mode of transport that a person uses to commute. Car, train, bus, plane, cycle or walking whichever you choose Google Maps efficiently provides the route and traffic information.

Driving Directions with Traffic Information

Driving directions are essential in ensuring that your customers reach you on time. It’s like publishing and broadcasting your existence to the whole outer world. Google Maps is not just a mere map. Unlike any other navigation enables, Google Maps is rich with host of features. You get continuous updates on Local traffic conditions even from alleys, street views, nearby hotels and restaurants and satellite images. You also get to see customer feedbacks and reviews on restaurants, hotels and other business facilities, helping you in making informed decisions. That’s not all. Integration of Google Transit, which works best with Google Map, opens up a sea of information on transportation schedules, fares and cost comparative studies.

Benefits of Google Maps on my Website

Google Maps, a revolutionary conceptualization by the Lars and Jens Rasmussen undoubtedly is one of the finest benchmark of the century. And all you need to get it on your website is copy-paste a simple Java Script code. No, you need not bear additional costs for hiring an ace programmer to configure the cumbersome Google Map API. It’s just a simple copy-paste. That’s all.

For your customers, the map shows up the nearest exit points, directions, where the road ends and the occurrences of water body. For a businessperson, the location pin can be marked on five point scale with user feedback stars. These are important to provide a sense of security to your customers and create a brand identity for your business.

The current generation is continuously connected to the internet and always looking up for reviews about a company and all of the reviews are grouped according to the location and name of the organization. No wonder real estate patrons and companies are the most to capitalize on Google Maps. Additionally, users can also use Google Maps to add not just your company address as well as events with location with the simple three-step procedure. Use our simple Java Script code to create your own mark on the world. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us